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Camille, Site Director of St. A&M, Utilizes her Masters in Education. Daily.


June 2012
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Having a Master of Arts in Teaching  with a specialization in Elementary Education (MAT Elementary Education) has tremendously helped me throughout this year. My advanced degree has enabled me to utilize my strategic planning and leadership skills to help the team of academic coordinators by creating strong lesson plans that better serve our students. Also, my experience gives me the patience necessary to understand and serve children with individualized educational plans. I understand their plans, and thus can help them in ways many others cannot. This is one of the highlight of my career. As a former teacher, I always sought to cater my lessons to the children who were being under-served in the classroom. I wanted to create lessons that met the needs of students, taught them important material, and were fun. Through differentiated instruction, I was able to do help students bridge the gap between fun and learning in the classroom. Here, I am able to do the same by providing students with learning opportunities that link closely with what they are learning in the school, yet create a positive learning environments for the kids.

In addition to that, my experience working in the Boston Public School systems, as well as with independent schools has given me a range of curricula for my toolbox. Thus, I am well versed in TERC, and I am able to teach and tutor children with varied levels of academic goals. I also have a range of strategies for behavior management and prevention that I would not have had without my advanced degree.

I seek to create a learning environment here where we (B-READY staff)  can collaborate with parents, teachers, and school faculty to create strong support teams for each individual student.  An environment where all students feel they can advance toward their individual academic targets. I have Northeastern University to thank for the knowledge to do so!

Posted by Camille Spivey, Site Director at St. A&M


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