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Media Arts at Coffee Hour


June 2012
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Working with media arts in the tech lab at St. Stephen’s!

This past Sunday June 3rd, I had the opportunity to present what goes on in Media Arts class to the St. Stephen’s congregation and wider community.  We also screened a short film, “Un Nuevo Hogar – A New Home,” our submission to the diocese’s DioMass Film Festival, featuring one of our youth, Ricardo, and his story of coming here from Dominican Republic and joining the B-READY program (see the video on Facebook or here!).  Seeing Ricardo’s perspective shows the challenges of coming to a new place, but also reveals how St. Stephen’s truly welcomes and brings together people from many different backgrounds.

As a teacher and member of the St. Stephen’s community for much of the past four years, it is always extremely gratifying to share what we do in the program, where the busy daily routine can sometimes make one forget that our programming connects to many others besides the youth we serve.  My slideshow presented Media Arts activities such as active methods for online research; architectural design; media literacy; and digital painting.  I also described our goals for fostering “digital citizenship” and responsible use of technology, encouraging exploration as well as safety online.

The most exciting piece of Sunday’s event was the ensuing discussion, where many in attendance made clear the need in the adult community for more education, training and access to technology.  Thanks to Meg McDermott’s on the spot brainstorming, community technology programming, as well as online resources, may become a reality next year!

Posted by Will Whelan, Media Arts Specialist


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