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Student Spotlight: Achaya Walker


June 2012
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Achaya smiles for the camera at St. A&M!

Achaya Walker has been coming to B-READY at St. A&M since we opened four years ago in Roxbury, but this year is the year I got to know her. Achaya is a very passionate and caring fourth grader who spends most of her time dreaming about being an artist, writing amazing letters to her pen pal, and taking care of Autumn, her younger sister who is in the program for the first time this year. Though Achaya is a bright and excited child, she is also very quiet and contemplative.  One of my personal highlights this year has been able to witness Achaya begin to come out of her shell, form strong friendships, and take leadership opportunities within her group.

Achaya’s letter to Dr. King in honor of MLK Day.

In addition, I have been constantly blown away by Achaya’s writing. The expressive language and incredible personal voice in her writing has only gotten better throughout the year and definitely sets her apart from other girls her age. Her handwriting, description, voice, and grammar continue to strengthen with each ELA tutoring session we have and it is clear that she loves to write. I can only imagine how she might continue to grow with the help of her teachers and B-READY!

Posted by Natalie Vanatta, Academic Coordinator and Lead at St. A&M


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