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Celebrating a Year of Reading and Hard Work with Free Books!


June 2014
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unnamed-2Generations Incorporated strives to improve the literacy skills of young children through Grade 3. We also provide meaningful opportunities to older adults who serve as literacy volunteers in our partner schools and after school programs in the Greater Boston area. Through Generations Incorporated’s partnership with the B-Ready programs at St. Stephen’s and St. Augustine and Martin, 118 students have received free reading tutoring this school year from over 30 trained older adult literacy tutors. Not only does this allow students to receive individualized literacy instruction, but this partnership also provides older adults in the community the opportunity to stay active and give back to a younger generation>

Generations Incorporated is proud to announce that this school year alone the students at St. Stephen’s and St. Augustine and Martin have already completed nearly 4,0000 reading sessions! Every year, we celebrate the end of the reading program with book a give-away at St. Stephen’s and St. Augustine and Martin – celebrating the hard work of the students and volunteers alike. Our annual book give-away gives our volunteers the opportunity to recognize their students accomplishments and encourage reading throughout the summer. This year’s book give-away included donuts, Bingo, and of course, free books! Each volunteer selects three books for their student to receive based on their student’s reading level and interests. The volunteer then presents the books and a certificate of achievement to their student during the book give-away ceremony. By providing these new books to our students, we are giving them both the tools and the encouragement to read over the summer.

Summer reading is not only fun, but also important for preventing “summer slippage,” which is described as the loss of academic skill-sets
unnamed-1acquired over the previous school year. Summer slippage often occurs if students are not provided with enriching opportunities such reading, writing or math over the summer. Generations Incorporated hopes that the book give-away will provide a fun and enriching way for the students of B-Ready to continue on the path to academic success! If you would like to know more about our programs, visit our website at by Caroline Shea, Program Capacity VISTA, Generations Incorporated



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