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3,000 Hours of Reading


June 2014
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unnamed-3Generations Incorporated is proud to announce that the students at B-READY completed over 3,000 hours of reading this school year! That means the average B-READY student completed an additional 30 hours of reading, outside of school, this year! This is incredible, not only because it fosters a love of reading among students, but also because research demonstrates that students who receive extra reading help make considerable gains in reading comprehension and phonics. In fact, a study conducted by Washington University in St. Louis on Generations Incorporated and their partner organization, Experience Corps, demonstrated that students who received reading instruction from a tutor made over 60% more progress in reading comprehension and phonics than students who did not receive tutoring. It is these skills that will continue to foster academic success for the students at B-Ready for years to come.Generations Incorporated is incredibly proud of the academic gains the B-Ready students have made this year, but it is the relationships built during the year, across generations, that truly makes Generations Incorporated’s work with B-Ready unique. Generations Incorporated’s partnership with B-READY provides students and tutors alike the opportunity to develop meaningful intergenerational relationships within their community. These relationships are also what allow for successful reading sessions. It is no small task to get 100 students to do 30 hours of reading after school, and without the strong bond between the tutor and child, it would be nearly impossible. Generations Incorporated would like to thank B-Ready for another wonderful year of reading! Special thanks to the B-Ready staff and families for your continued support!Posted by Caroline Shea, Program Capacity VISTA, Generations Incorporated


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