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In Closing. . .

 What a final week at B-SAFE @ St. Luke’s/San Lucas in Chelsea! Volunteers from St. John’s Episcopal Church in Beverly Farms provided us with four delicious meals and desserts that the kids are all still talking about. Our trip to the mysterious Lynn Woods Dungeon on Monday created a feeling of wonderment throughout the camp. Tuesday and Wednesday were also quite fun. We learned a great deal about new cultures and community service during Globetrotter’s Day and furthered our understanding of new cultures with a well-timed visit to the Harvard Art Museum and (new) Cambridge Public Library.  

B-SAFE students had fun together all summer at St. Luke's/San Lucas in Chelsea.

The culmination of the week had to have been Thursday, however. (more…)


Partners at Play!

Partner churches Epiphany (Walpole), Grace (Norwood), and Advent (Medfield) joined forces to organize a day of Friday fun for B-SAFE @ Holy Spirit, including a visit to Adam's Farm and lunch and activities at Grace Church.

Honestly, it is not easy to tell who is having more fun this summer, the B-SAFE partner church volunteers or the young people they are serving.   Many volunteers from the 49 hands-on partner congregations are absolutely convinced that they are enjoying themselves the most, making connections with the exuberant, polite and grateful kids and staff at their partner sites.   One new partner church has already declared that they want a full, rather than a half, week partnership next year!  

Consistent feedback at the end of a week of partnering includes comments such as: “the site director is terrific!”  “the teen staff is so helpful!” and “the kids are really polite.”  (more…)

In the Spirit of Partnership

B-SAFEers sport their new t-shirts, a gift from their hosting parish and Week 4 partner church: Church of the Holy Spirit in Mattapan.

B-SAFE at the Church of the Holy Spirit enjoyed week 4 with homecooked meals prepared by the lovely women of our hosting church, Church of the Holy Spirit in Mattapan.   The Bajan (Barbados) rice and peas, barbecue chicken, corn on the cob and hot fudge sundaes were big hits.  On Friday we all dressed in our red B-SAFE/Church of the Holy Spirit logo shirts (more…)

Mid-Program for Middle Schoolers!

We have arrived at the middle of B-SAFE, and the fun has not let up for the Youth Leadership Corps (YLC) at St. Stephen’s.  Our 45 middle schoolers enjoyed a final week of soccer clinic, which was tons of fun for youth and counselors alike.  (more…)

Teens Star at the B-SAFE Basketball Tournament

Tournament instructions are given!

An enthusiastic group of more than 100 teens participated in our fourth annual B-SAFE basketball tournament on the evening of Tuesday, July 20.  The three-on-three tourney featured teams representing each of the eight B-SAFE programs.  After a group stage similar to soccer’s World Cup in format, four teams moved on to single elimination round.  B-SAFE @ St. Mary’s in Upham’s Corner and B-SAFE @ San Lucas/St. Luke’s in Chelsea emerged as finalists and played an exciting and dramatic final game which came down to the last shot.  (more…)

Out and About with B-SAFE @ St. Augustine and St. Martin

B-SAFE @ SASM kids enjoy the summer day at Houghton's pond.

Last week at B-SAFE was amazing! We were fortunate enough to go to the Children’s Museum and the Museum of Science.   At the Children’s Museum, both the staff and youth of the program had a blast!   We had fun playing with bubbles, sampling what being a construction worker is like, and especially had fun climbing through the giant maze.   Even our staff got in the maze and made it all the way to the top!    (more…)

Telling the Teen Story

A Chelsea teen connects with a B-SAFE student on the bus.

Four B-SAFE staff coordinators share their stories of working with B-SAFE teens this summer.

A Learning Experience for Chelsea Teens and Me!
Posted by Mauryn Calderon Perkins, Site Assistant and Teen Staff Coordinator

At B-SAFE @ St. Luke’s/San Lucas, we have been blessed with 8 amazing teens for the B-SAFE Program for the summer.  We started the summer with just 4 teens whom during orientation were too shy to want to do a “Name Game” team builder.  I must admit that I was a bit nervous because they were so young and being asked to do so much.  (more…)