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You Have Made A Difference

It is sad that our 15th B-SAFE summer has come to an end.  We started our preparation back in the spring and it seemed like we had a long way to go; now another summer is ending.  We are so proud of our students, CITs, and our staff.  We all worked really hard to make all of our participants feel big, safe, and connected.  Seeing our students smiling and learning throughout the summer is what made us press on, even during the long, hot, exhaustive days that summer brings.  We do what we do because we want the young people in our communities to succeed.  Being able to celebrate the 15th anniversary of B-SAFE at Larz Anderson was definitely a highlight and we are all already thinking of ways to make it an annual tradition!  We look forward to the school year and soon enough to another summer with B-SAFE.  We know “it takes a village” and ours keeps getting stronger everyday! Thank you all for your continued support. You truly are making a difference in the lives of our young people.

Posted by Mayra Sanders, Academic Administrator 


Volunteers, Partners, Staff, and Participants: Thank you!

This summer has been an incredible opportunity to be part of a program that truly lives up to its mantra of making everyone feel BIG, feel SAFE, and feel CONNECTED! 

At St. Stephen’s YLC we ended the summer with over 20 of our participants heading up to the Barbara C. Harris Camp where they stretched themselves through nature walks, canoe lessons, ropes courses, archery challenges and an all around great week of songs, fun, laughter and learning.

Overall our site helped over 50 participants, 12 teens, and multiple staff members to grow their leadership abilities and to take advantage of a great learning opportunity for summer growth. I’d love to thank all of the parents, volunteers, staff members, participants, and community partners who made this summer a huge success!

Posted by Steve Armandt, Site Director at St. Stephen’s YLC

Site Director Celebrates 9th Summer with B-SAFE

My 9th summer at B-SAFE was awesome! I began my journey with SSYP as a teen in two part-time sites (Epiphany and St Mary’s). This summer I served as a site director in a year round site (St. A&M)- how amazing! It’s a wonderful feeling to know that both the program and I have grown so much together. I continue to have great experiences with St Stephen’s Youth Programs and feel as if it is my second home. I remain excited to keep working with the program and to witness its growth for years to come. I really enjoyed working with my staff and building a close-knit team. It was a very smooth and fun summer! I definitely loved working at St A&M this summer and my plan is to continue the creation of a fun, safe and loving atmosphere within that site. 

Posted by Addie Gomez, Site Director at St Augustine/St Martin 

23: Mighty and Strong


B-SAFE St. Luke’s enjoying the Lynn Woods

As we conclude another summer of B-SAFE at St. Luke’s this summer, I reflect on the roller coaster of a summer we had. We faced many challenges, including finding and preparing a temporary location to have B-SAFE St. Luke’s, however, there were many moments of fun and joy. We were blessed to have Grace Episcopal Church in Medford open its arms and building to our program this summer. Boy, what a beautiful church they have. Our campers truly enjoyed being there. Unfortunately, we lost several families because of the temporary move out of Chelsea. I was heart broken for these families who were not able to join us this summer but was grateful for those that did. The feeling of love, family, and community that was felt at B-SAFE St. Luke’s was still present even if the numbers were less. Our campers were learning and having fun, our families were grateful for the learning their kids had done over the summer and for the new experiences they had. Our staff was just as engaged as if we had been at full capacity. It still felt like home. What will resonate with me about this summer are not the challenging times but the images of kids smiling, of kids feeling safe, of kids learning and having fun. I will always remember what the Program Academic Coordinator, Mayra, said to me on a visit she made to my site,  “You may only have 23 but you are a strong and feisty 23”. Yes, we were. 
Posted by Mauryn Perkins, Site Director at St. Luke’s

Love, Laughter, and Learning

jaida and kids


This summer was full of so much love, laughter, and learning.  From double dutch on friday field trips, painting murals, and academic rotations, teen staff were developing and deepening their leadership skills in many ways. The engagement levels were high on all levels; from teen to participant, teen to teen, and teen to staff, our young people showed extreme professionalism and care. We closed out our five-week program strong, with a Friday field trip to Crane Beach and then closed out BCH shoulder to shoulder, swaying as we sang ” lean on me.”  This last image sums up the summer so

nelson mandela muralwell for me.  I felt that through all the ups and downs, triumphs and struggles, what brought unfailing love and support were the

relationships built, nourished, and deepened during our time together. This summer truly has been an unforgettable adventure!

By Ruth Nkemontoh, Teen Staff Coordinator at St. Stephens LEARN & YLC

Wrapping up at St. A&M

Growing up with St. Stephen’s has helped me a lot throughout the years. I began my journey as a CIT and worked my way up to becoming a Site Assistant in the St. Stephen’s family this year. Through these years, I have had the opportunity to mature and have learned to see things from a different point of view. It was a wonderful experience to be on the MO Team where I had more responsibility and did more office work. While this was a great new experience, I missed being a CIT and working directly with the kids as I have done for the past 3 years.  This position has taught me more on responsibility and being able to distinguish the difference between being a teen staff and an adult staff. This summer was an amazing summer. I worked well with all of the teens, leads and specialist. Thanks to Addie, I was trained to understand all of the entities of the program and what my responsibilities were as the site assistant. I was able to answer questions anyone had regarding the program, where materials were located, and drop off procedures for the children etc. I look forward to summer of 2015 with B-SAFE!

Posted by Katherine Lara, Site Assistant at St. Augustine & St. Martin’s

The End!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis summer was a growing experience for everyone involved with Epiphany YLC. Being a Site Director for the first time, I got to experience all of the planning and preparation that goes into B-SAFE’s many enrichment activities; everything from half day field trips, to specialty days, to lunches, and closing ceremonies. It was an opportunity to see the growth in our CIT’s and Specialists, as well as the YLC’ers. Trying to keep 40 middle school students happy and engaged is no easy task but we managed to not only survive our five OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAweeks together, but also become a cohesive unit. The Reggaes (our 8th grade group) went from being very shy (no one spoke during the making of our Love Contract) to a group that could beOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAheard coming from a mile away! This group of students even elected to perform during Closing Ceremonies in front of all of their peers, clearly breaking out of their shell! This summer was a whirlwind adventure that I would gladly embark on again.


“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”
– James Cash Penney

Posted by Diana “D” Colón, Site Director at Epiphany YLC